Aerial Movement

Aerial Movement is a study done in preparation for the installation Pressure Sequence. In this process I wanted to explore the dancing body through sound, finding ways to get inside the movement. Dancing is body language at it’s purest. But can you transform, translate this language? What happens if you strip away the visual layer? Is it possible to create a virtual dance, just out of sound? Does dance survive this transmission? Is it still dance? Do we move along? I recorded the improvisation of two dancers, and used those sounds to create new movements, which only exist out of the vibrating air molecules of sound, movements in air.

Dancers for the original sounds were Marisa Cabal and Georgia Vardarou. Original sounds were recorded at STUK arts centre, Leuven, BE. Recording and composition by Stijn Demeulenaere. Thanks to Georgia, Marisa, Pieter-Paul Mortier, Dolores Hulan, Barbara Riera, Audiosense and STUK.