Vartaloiden Kaupunki

© Timo Wright

Vartaloiden Kaupunki is a creation by choreographer Veli Lehtovaara. Veli asked Stijn to do the sound design for the piece: to create a quadrophonic score and to be a radioshow host during the performance. Vartaloiden Kaupunki (City of Bodies) is a dance performance and an installation. The performers, two dancers and a sound artist, are sharing the stage with the audience. Subtle social choreography is unfolding while the spectators as a group and as individuals move trough the space in relation to sound and dances performed.

© Timo Wright

Sources and basic materials of the sound are political speeches and songs from the beginning of the 20th century until today. The dance and the choreography treat speech as music and song. How can a spoken word re-enter to the body, touch and move it? What is the physicality of speech, what are the bodies of words, phrases and sentences? What do they sound like, what do they feel like, what is their shape and character?

Danced movements interpret political symbols, but create something else than political – the choreography obstinately follows its own discourse.

You can watch the trailer on vimeo.