As It Fell

© Ychaï Gassenbauer

As It fell is a dance performance by Marisa Cabal and Stav Yeini for which Stijn did the sound design. The sound was made in close collaboration with Marisa, Stav and Ychaï Gassenbauer, the video designer.

As It Fell  is a choreographic composition that brings into dialogue two different ways of displaying movement, film and performance. Through a constant dialogue between the two media, it develops a new vocabulary where the film functions as an extension of the performer's movement and the performance as an extension of the recorded image. Thus, movement is not only located in the body, it travels without interruption between the stage and the screen. Three simple screens, standing at different depths along the stage, become both the scenography and the surface for the projection of images. They are the material ground where film projection and live performance get into contact serving as backgrounds, shadows, curtains, corridors and light sources.

Through a series of repetitions, the scenes progressively reveal several points of view upon a basic movement sequence. The different perspectives dissociate fragments out of the whole picture, refine or obscure parts of the scene or give emphasis to what would otherwise pass unnoticed. As the piece unfolds, different layers of perception accumulate and new spacial relations are re-created. At times, the audience is able to zoom into a hidden detail of a live situation or witness the point of view of another observer. Other times, they get simultaneously two different angles upon the same scene. By acknowledging the co-existence of simultaneous points of view, As It Fell  invites the audience into an active reflection on our position as observers of movement, within performance, film and media; and of our perception of reality through many filters of information.

This is one of the videos used in the performance, with a composition by Stijn.