Secret Face

© Pieter Huybrechts

Secret Face is a play by Mesut Arslan I did the sound design for. With Secret Face director Mesut Arslan presents a theatre adaptation of Gizli Yüz (The Hidden Face), the only film script of Turkish author and Noble prize winner Orhan Pamuk. Arslan reimagines the main themes of the play - identy, time, perception - by using an atypical casting and a very prominent scenographic light concept in an installation by visual artist Erki De Vries.

In Secret Face, a lady asks a photographer to take pictures in bars in Istanbul at night. While he is mainly interested in the lady, the lady is fascinated by the faces of the people in the pictures, and especially by one particular man, who turns out to be a watchmaker.

When the lady disappears , the photographer starts looking for her. During his search through different cities he gets in touch with watchmakers, bell towers, film images and a thief of lost dreams.

I based my sound design on the sounds the installation of Erki made. I used contact microphones, induction coils, clean recordings of it and live feedback to create a soundtrack that connected the audience to the installation, using a surround sound setup. All the sounds I used I got originally from the light installation.

You can watch the trailer of the play here. More information can be found here.