Light My Fire - Tel Aviv

Light My Fire is a project by Irene Andrei that brings together 7 directors from different cities, each creating a short movie that tells us a story about desire, fire and goodbye. They take place in Berlin, Brussels, Turin, Tel Aviv and Zurich. A lighter moves from film to film. I worked for the Tel Aviv edition of the project, a short by directors Alessandra Chillaron & Ychaï Gassenbauer. Light My Fire- Tel Aviv was inspired by Lilith, a character from Jewish mythology representing a dark physical desire present in every being. The film tells us the story of Adam who travelled to Tel Aviv in search of a mystical experience. He comes accreoss Lilith, an opera singer with androgyn features. This person intrigues Adam, haunts him, and he sets about of following Lilith day and night, starting an emotional and physical journey that upheaves and changes both characters. Light My Fire - Tel Aviv was selected for the Tel Aviv LGBT international film festival and the LGBT festival Poland.

You can see the video of Light My Fire  here. More information to be found here.