L' AIR de rien

© Pierre Van Heddegem

L' AIR de rien  is a project by Leen Lacroix and Pierre Van Heddegem. I designed the sound for the performance. L’ AIR de rien  is a fascination for the human yearning for control and the loss of this control. A woman tries to manage her world. She’s methodical, goal oriented. Unexpectedly she discovers a new kind of freedom. How will she let herself be influenced by this? Can she incorporate this in her life?

The urge for control is reduced to its essence in L’ AIR de rien.  There's only one goal: controlling your breath. Breath as metaphor for life. You can control breath up to the point the body takes over from willpower. This overtaking, this reflex, saves life: life arises from the loss of control. “L’ AIR de rien” balances between dance and theatre, moves in between acting and choreography.

© Pierre Van Heddegem

“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.” (John Cage)

For L’ AIR de rien  I placed contact microphones all over the stage. The sound originated from these contact microphones which reacted to the movements of our performer Leen Lacroix. The incoming signal from the contact microphones was manipulated live by cutting them up, using loops and effects and driving the contacts to feedback. Luc II, the resident goldfish-on-stage, did a special sonic cameo by use of a hydrophone.

More information about L’ AIR de rien  can be found here.